I am proud of all my children. They are all unique individuals and make me marvel at how they have grown as people over the years.  I am saying this so people won’t say this is favoritism, but I want to put out a shout for my son Brian and his wife Robin who have a blog at .  Check out their great blog and leave your comments and do the social sharing thing.They are truly renaissance spirits and I will quote from them:

Hey y’all! Check out my wine blog if you have some time. It combines two of the things Robin and I love most… good wine and being cheap! We pick a variety (Malbec, Cab, Pinot, etc) every couple months, buy the best 12 bottles we can find for around $10 and then taste and rank them. Been doing it for a little over a year… when we can find the time. Still finding my voice, but slowly figuring things out… and having fun doing it.

(You can also find VinCrush on Facebook and Twitter… no Instagram yet.)