Non Scientific Test

This is a non scientific test to measure the effectiveness of social media. If you comment on this post and leave your Empire Kred user name, I will run a million eaves investment mission on your behalf. Missions will be run daily in the order received.

So what am I measuring?

  1. Mission participation on Empire Kred
  2. Visits to The Russ Project
  3. Activity on my Twitter stream @therussproject

Even you don’t want me to run an investment mission for you, I’d appreciate your comments.

Thanks for reading this post!


  1. Solomon Laing

    INKLETBLOT Ironically I don’t open Empire that often anymore, just enough to stop them suspending my account. I just felt like I should look at it today and came across your mission.

  2. Muge Cerman

    Thanks for the test, i really curious about results. Have a great one 🙂

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